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    • Drivers of seedling survival in a temperate forest and their relative importance at three stages of succession 

      Yan, Yan; Zhang, Chunyu; Wang, Yuxi; Zhao, Xiuhai; Von Gadow, Klaus (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2015-09-10)
      Negative density dependence (NDD) and niche partitioning have been perceived as important mechanisms for the maintenance of species diversity. However, little is known about their relative contributions to seedling survival. ...

    • Evaluating management regimes for European beech forests using dynamic programming 

      Torres-Rojo, Juan Manuel; Vilcko, Frantisek; Von Gadow, Klaus (Spanish National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology, 2014-06-06)
      Aim of study: This contribution describes a systematic search method for identifying optimum thinning regimes for beech forests (Fagus sylvatica L.) by using a combination of optimization heuristics and a simple whole stand ...

    • Limitations to reproductive success in the dioecious tree Rhamnus davurica 

      Wang, Juan; Zhang, Chunyu; Zhao, Xiuhai; Gadow, Klaus V. (PLoS, 2013-12)
      The reproductive success of a female plant in a dioecious species may be affected by pollen limitation and resource limitation. This study presents evidence that the reproductive success of the dioecious understorey tree ...

    • Microfocus X-ray computed tomography (CT) analysis of laser sintered parts 

      Du Plessis, Anton; Seifert, T.; Booysen, G.; Els, J. (Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering, 2014-05)
      Microfocus X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning is a three-dimensional (3D) non-destructive technique that is useful in many research and technology fields. Similar to two-dimensional (2D) X-ray inspections, this 3D ...

    • Powering Africa 

      Meincken, Martina (Academy of Science of South Africa, 2012-01-26)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Africa, as a developing continent, is in a position to learn from the mistakes of the developed world. In terms of energy production, instead of trying to meet its requirements with fossil fuels alone, ...

    • Reproductive allocation of two dioecious Rhamnus species in temperate forests of northeast China 

      Wang, Juan; Zhang, Chunyu; Zhao, Xiuhai; Von Gadow, Klaus (Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology, 2014-02)
      When a plant increases resource allocation to reproduction from its limited reserves, the allocation to the other functions is reduced. Because of these trade-offs, differences in reproductive allocation are believed to ...