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    • Alain Resnais et l engagement documentaire: Une affaire de morale en trois temps 

      Du Toit, Catherine (Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux, 2011-12)
      Without history there can be no political engagement. But history can only surpass its analytical, abstract and factual dimensions by the operation of memory. From his first short documentaries, such as Guernica, Les ...

    • Beyond the mask : Guy de Maupassant in Algeria 

      Du Toit, Catherine (Peter Lang, 2003-07)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The enlightened foreigner who travels to a distant land wears two masks : the mask woven of pre-conceptions when he considers the ‘other’ he encounters and a second, a mirror-mask in which he sees in the ...

    • Deux Anglaises et le Continent d'Henri-Pierre Roché : des avatars et des affres de l'amour 

      Du Toit, Catherine (Association for French Studies in Southern Africa, 2007)
      Deux Anglaises et le Continent was Henri-Pierre Roché’s second autobiographically inspired novel. Published in 1956, three years after his best known work, Jules et Jim, it principally draws on a period from the author’s ...

    • Henri-Pierre Roche et Peter Altenberg : une emotion qui nait de l ellipse meme 

      Du Toit, Catherine (Association for French Studies in Southern Africa, 2011)
      Henri-Pierre Roché’s life as well as his work is characterized by a certain movement which seems to be contradictory at first glance: a dissipatory movement that manifests itself through a curiosity of all and everyone, ...

    • Introduction a Don Juan et ... d Henri-Pierre Roche. Un destin fragmentaire 

      Du Toit, Catherine (Nuxos Publishing, 2010-11)
      In spite of a growing interest in the life and works of Henri-Pierre Roché, little has been written on his first publication, Don Juan et... Published in 1920 under the pseudonym of Jean Roc, this series of vignettes ...

    • Primeurs : les premieres productions litteraires d Henri-Pierre Roche 

      Du Toit, Catherine (Association for French Studies in Southern Africa, 2009)
      The first literary productions of Henri-Pierre Roché are short stories published in different reviews at the start of the 20th century. This article presents the six short stories in question and analyses their principal ...