Identification of two CYP17 alleles in the South African Angora goat

Slabbert, Johannes Tobias (2003-12)

Thesis (MSc)--Stellenbosch University, 2003.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This study describes: 1. The isolation of total RNA and mRNA from Angora goat adrenals. 2. Synthesis and nucleotide sequence alignment of Angora goat CYPI7 cDNA. Two DNA sequences were produced, identifying two CVP 17 alleles in an Angora goat from the Swartland district. 3. The development of a CYPI7 genotype test for Angora goats. 4. Genotyping of Angora goats and Boer goats with the developed genotype test. S. Mapping of the substituted amino acids in the amino terminal of CVP 17 to a specific CYPI7 genotype. 6. Partial synthesis and alignment of Angora goat genomic nucleotide CYPI7 sequences.

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie studie beskryf: 1. Die isolering van totale RNA en mRNA van Angorabok byniere. 2. Sintese en nukleotied volgorde oplyning van Angorabok CYP17 eDNA. Twee DNA volgordes is geproduseer, en so is twee CYP17 allele in 'n Angorabok van die Swartland omgewing geïdentifiseer. 3. Die ontwikkeling van 'n CYP17 genotipe toets vir Angorabokke. 4. Genotipering van Angorabokke en Boerbokke met die ontwikkelde genotipe toets. 5. Korrelering van die omgeruilde aminosure in die aminoterminaal van CYPl7 met 'n spesifieke genotipe. 6. Gedeeltelike sintese en oplyning van Angorabok genomiese CYPl7 nukleotied volgordes.

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