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    The King Commission live : an examination of the legal and ethical considerations involved in broadcasts of judicial proceedings [1]
    Die kulkuns van die letterdief : 'n ondersoek na plagiaat in die Suid-Afrikaanse gedrukte media, met spesiale verwysing na drie onlangse gevallestudies [1]
    Die lewensvatbaarheid van nuuswebwerwe : 'n vergelykende ondersoek [1]
    LIP Woordfeeskoerant 2006 [1]
    LIP Woordfeeskoerant 2007 [1]
    LIP Woordfeeskoerant 2008 [1]
    LIP Woordfeeskoerant 2009 [1]
    LIP Woordfeeskoerant 2010 [1]
    Living history - the story of Adderley Streets flower sellers [1]
    Magazines and their online counterparts : how magazine websites compete or complement the print publication in terms of circulation figures, advertising income and editorial content. [1]
    The making of a community newspaper website : [1]
    Manufacturing cultural capital : arts journalism at Die Burger (1990-1999) [1]
    Mass media, lifestyle and young adults’ (un)reflexive negotiation of social and individual identities in Windhoek [1]
    Matriarch Julaiga and the story of a flower dynastys struggles [1]
    Media as agenda setters : a study of the infected and affected living with HIV/Aids [1]
    The media as watchdog in the commercialisation of science : a case study of 6 publications [1]
    Media ethics : a postmodern perspective in the search for truth, meaning and reality [1]
    Media ethics in financial journalism : an investigation into the situation in South Africa [1]
    The media management of Nevirapine: content, causes and consequences [1]
    The media on trial: An investigation into the media’s portrayal of the law [1]