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  • Healing the rift : an assessment of a World Health Organisation's media communication programme for health scientists 

    Baleta, Adele (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2006-04)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Health scientists agree that the media is a crucial conduit for communicating life-saving, preventative and curative health messages to a wider audience. They also concur that they are the gatekeepers, ...

  • Hekwagterskap tydens die Waarheids-en-versoeningskommissie se sitting oor chemiese en biologiese oorlogvoering soos gereflekteer in drie Kaapstadse dagblaaie 

    Ferreira, Jannie (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2000-04)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: When rumours started circulating in 1998 that former president Nelson Mandela and Mrs Graca Machel were about to get married, Mandela's spokesman at the time, Parks Mankahlana, vehemently denied them. ...

  • Herposisionering/vernuwing in die Suid-Afrikaanse vrouetydskrifmark, met spesifieke verwysing na innoverende inhoud 

    Townsend, Stephanie (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2004-12)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This project was undertaken in order to investigate the phenomenon of repositioning/rejuvenation in the South African women magazine industry, rooi rose and SARIE in particular. These two women magazines, ...

  • Die historiese debat oor keasionisme en evolusie, met spesifieke verwysing na 'n seleksie van briewe in Die Burger (1999-2002) 

    Simes, Wyno (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2006-04)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The debate about the validity of evolution versus creationism started long ago when Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species. Yet today the debate about this issue still engenders a lot of controversy ...

  • Human stem cell research : tracking media attention in time from 1998-2005 

    Morrison, Christa (De Swardt) (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2006-12)
    Moral questions arising from advances in science and technology are proliferating exponentially. Much controversy surrounds the ways in which biotechnology is used to eradicate a vast range of diseases and injuries. Stem ...

  • Icons of war photography : how war photographs are reinforced in collective memory : a study of three historical reference images of war and conflict 

    Gassner, Patricia (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2009-03)
    There are certain images of war that are horrific, frightening and at the same time, due to an outstanding compositional structure, they are fascinating and do not allow its observers to keep their distance. This thesis ...

  • The impact of diversity in reporting on the editorial independence of small-scale regional community newspapers based in the Eastern Cape 

    Zazini, Novela (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2002-12)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Journalism in South Africa has to be looked at in its historical context. South Africa was a country characterised by disparities. The same can be said about the media in this country. Mainstream media ...

  • The impact of tabloidisation on the South African press 

    Holt, Billie-Jean (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2004-04)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The advancement of news technology in the last few decades has lead to an information explosion of an unprecedented scope. Twenty-four hour a day news channels, electronic publications, the Internet, ...

  • An Internet strategy for a niche magazine : a uses and gratifications approach 

    Ekron, Zigi (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2010-03)
    Magazine publishers are under increasing pressure to extend their business strategies beyond the traditional printed products. A culture of instant gratification of media needs, pervasive social networking and the immediacy ...

  • Internet-regulering in Suid-Afrika : staat of internasionaal? 

    Amoraal, Lezel (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2003-04)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The Internet has become such an integral part of computer users' daily existence that it seems as if it has always been there. The Internet with its unique borders - or lack of borders - places an ...

  • Is natural good for you? Myths, perceptions and science in advertising, marketing and the media 

    Frost, Jennifer (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2008-03)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This assignment explores the assumptions and perceptions – both real, and created by the media, marketers and advertisers – surrounding the word “natural” when applied to health foods, vitamins, home ...

  • Is tieners NUUS-kierig? : 'n studie om te bepaal of ’n mark vir ’n Afrikaanse jeugnuusbron bestaan 

    Botha, Benescke (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2006-03)
    Do young people have any news interest? Which subjects interest them most and what is their medium of preference? In order to answer these questions, research was done on news reading trends of young people – both nationally ...

  • Islamophobia and the media : the portrayal of Islam since 9/11 and an analysis of the Danish cartoon controversy in South Africa 

    Asmal, F. (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2008-03)
    The media plays a fundamental role in shaping societies’ opinions about topical issues. Most human beings depend upon either the print media (newspapers/magazines), television or radio as their sources of news. The advent ...

  • The King Commission live : an examination of the legal and ethical considerations involved in broadcasts of judicial proceedings 

    Brand, Robert Christian (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2001-03)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The controversy around the broadcasting of court proceedings has reigned in the United States since the 1950s, reaching a peak with the trial of O.J. Simpson, widely interpreted as an example of the ...

  • Die kulkuns van die letterdief : 'n ondersoek na plagiaat in die Suid-Afrikaanse gedrukte media, met spesiale verwysing na drie onlangse gevallestudies 

    Hugo, Carina (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2006-04)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Since 2003 various incidents of plagiarism in the South African media were reported. The South African copyright law does not define plagiarism, only copyright infringement. The issue of plagiarism is ...

  • Die lewensvatbaarheid van nuuswebwerwe : 'n vergelykende ondersoek 

    Ebersohn, Piet (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2005-04)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The publication of news websites mushroomed since the establishment of the World Wide Web, but their viability and/or profitability still tend to pose a problem. This study approaches the question from ...

  • LIP Woordfeeskoerant 2006 

    Bekker, Niel; Smith, Samarie; Bottomley, Edward-John; Begbie, Yolaan; Leibrandt, Rowena; Norris, Philippa; De Villiers, Emmie; McKune, Craig; Molewa, Daphney; Stanfield, Marilyn; Atmore, Elizabeth; Atson, Lara; Gerber, Jan; Schoeman, Aldi; Smith, Cherice; Steenkamp, Terence; Grobbelaar, Retha; Hans, Thobile; Monama, Tebogo; Mulder, Gerhard; Roberts, Richard; Tongha, Amanda; Van Rensburg, Dewald; Van Zyl, Jeanri-Tine; Visser, Jaco; Vollgraaff, René (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2006)
    The LIP Woordfeeskoerant is an independent Woordfees festival newspaper produced by the BPhil (Journalism) class of that specific year in the Department of Journalism, Stellenbosch University.

  • LIP Woordfeeskoerant 2007 

    Schreuder, Gina; Engelbrecht, Sarietha; Du Plessis, André-Pierre; Du Plooy, Daniëlla; Cillié, Joanita; Grobler, Riëtte; Segage, Tsholofelo; Van der Spuy, Anri; Van der Merwe, Naudé; Adriaanse, Cobus; Styan, James; Van Niekerk, Alida; Els, Rozanne; Conchar, Claire; Uithaler, Jocelyn; Scholtz, Herman; Franz, Illana; Gregor, Simone; McNaught-Davis, Ian; McGuire, Juliet; Petersen, Margaux; Africa, Siyabonga (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2007)
    The LIP Woordfeeskoerant is an independent Woordfees festival newspaper produced by the BPhil (Journalism) class of that specific year in the Department of Journalism, Stellenbosch University.

  • LIP Woordfeeskoerant 2008 

    Botha, Marco; Gopal, Thania; Matthee, Stephan; Thormählen, Jóhann; Keogh, Janice; Detel, Hanne; Meads, Carolyn; Neethling, Marlene; Boswell, Jason; Dodo, Peni; Basson, Nozuko; Francis, Philippa; Boonzaier, Christiaan; De Villiers, Delia; Engelbrecht, Lezette; Hugo, Sven; Lamprecht, Ingé; Robertson, Crystal; Smit, Susan; Trussell, Tarryn Kay; Van der Heever, Vania; Woudstra, Amelia-May; Musekwa, Rudzani (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2008)
    Lize Beekman het geskryf woorde het vlerke. Dit maak vir my sin. Tyd kan glo vlieg en toe ons met woorde begin werk om LIP aanmekaar te sit, het dit ‘n realiteit geword. Woorde kan ook vlieg! Dit vlieg ver en kry voete. ...

  • LIP Woordfeeskoerant 2009 

    Maré, Annelie; Du Plessis, Charl; Van Schie, Kristen; Haasbroek, François; Janse van Rensburg, Alet; Molatlhwa, Olebogeng; Cilliers, Mia; Louw, Martinette; Ncala, Nokuthula; Steele, Samantha; De Vries, Blanché; Harbour, Tarryn; Cloete, Salette; Daneel, Roeline; Davis, Tracey-Lee; Dippenaar, Thinus; Hendricks, Colin; Myburgh, Pieter-Louis; Nel, Jody; Stehle, Rudolf; Viviers, Gerda-Marié; Warren, Joe (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2009)
    Die Wes-Kaap is ’n vreemde land vir diegene van die ander kant van die Tonnel. Hier stóp mense by voetoorgange, by vulstasies word jy in Afrikaans bedien en daar is selfs ’n kans dat jy hier ’n regering kan aantref wat ...