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    Aquaculture practices in irrigation reservoirs of the Western Cape Province of South Africa in relation to multiple resource use and socio-ecological interaction [1]
    The effect of inoculants on silage fermentation properties and on animal production [1]
    Effect of phytogenic feed additives on gonadal development in Mozambique tilapia [1]
    Effects of increased slaughter weight of pigs on pork production [1]
    Essential amino acid requirements for growth in woolled sheep [1]
    Establishing genetic and environmental parameters for ostrich (Struthio camelus domesticus) growth and slaughter characteristics [1]
    The evaluation of a South African fine wool genetic resource flock [1]
    Extraction and biomedical application of peripheral blood stem cells in sheep and horses [1]
    Factors affecting ostrich leather traits [1]
    Fibrolytic enzymes in ruminant nutrition and their effect on forage cell wall integrity [1]
    Genetic parameter estimation and breeding plans for the South African dairy goat herd [1]
    In vitro culture of in vivo-produced sheep, goat and cattle embryos [1]
    An investigation into genetic improvement in reproductive efficiency in beef cattle through the unravelling of composite reproductive traits [1]
    Melamine excretion pathways in lactating dairy cows [1]
    Studies on embryonic development and hatchability of ostrich eggs [1]
    Studies on the hatching, growth and energy metabolism of ostrich chicks : Struthio Camelus var. Domesticus [1]
    Veterinary public health aspects related with food-producing wildlife species in the domestic animal, human and environment interface [1]
    Volstruis as slagdier : aspekte van groei [1]