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    Carcass and muscle yields of ostriches as influenced by genotype [1]
    Characterization of pigeon paramyxoviruses (Newcastle disease virus) isolated in South Africa from 2001 to 2006 [1]
    A comparison between the body composition, carcass characteristics and retail cuts of South African mutton Merino and Dormer sheep. [1]
    Effect of dietary vitamin E on the performance of broilers and quality of broiler meat during refrigerated and frozen storage [1]
    Effect of hot-deboning on the physical quality characteristics of ostrich meat [1]
    The effect of rumen inert fat supplementation and protein degradability in starter and finishing diets on veal calf performance [1]
    Effect of slaughter age and breed on the carcass traits and meat quality of beef steers finished on natural pastures in the arid subtropics of South Africa [1]
    The effects of dietary energy and protein concentrations on ostrich skin quality [1]
    Effects of post mortem temperature on rigor tension, shortening and pH in ostrich muscle [1]
    Evaluation of subjectively assessed nodule traits of ostrich skins as influenced by slaughter age [1]
    Genetic variation in nodule size at different sites on the skins of slaughter ostriches [1]
    A high incidence of species substitution and mislabelling detected in meat products sold in South Africa [1]
    Influence of reproduction traits and pre-weaning growth rate on herd efficiency of different beef breed types in an arid sub-tropical environment [1]
    Live weight and reproduction performance of Zimbabwean blue and South African black ostriches [1]
    Meat quality attributes of night-cropped Impala (Aepyceros melampus) [1]
    An overview of disease-free buffalo breeding projects with reference to the different systems used in South Africa [1]
    Post-mortem changes in the physical meat quality characteristics of refrigerated impala M. longissimus dorsi [1]
    Relative performance and efficiency of five Merino and Merino-type dam lines in a terminal crossbreeding system with Dormer or Suffolk sires [1]
    Scale effects between body size and limb design in quadrupedal mammals [1]
    Slaughter traits of Merino sheep divergently selected for multiple rearing ability [1]