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    • Scale effects between body size and limb design in quadrupedal mammals 

      Kilbourne, Brandon M.; Hoffman, Louwrens C. (PLoS, 2013-11)
      Recently the metabolic cost of swinging the limbs has been found to be much greater than previously thought, raising the possibility that limb rotational inertia influences the energetics of locomotion. Larger mammals have ...

    • Slaughter traits of Merino sheep divergently selected for multiple rearing ability 

      Cloete, J. J. E.; Cloete, S. W. P.; Hoffman, L. C.; Fourie, J. E. (South African Society for Animal Science, 2004)
      ABSTRACT: Carcass data of 114 19-month-old Merino sheep descended from two lines that were divergently selected for maternal multiple rearing ability (H and L lines, respectively) were used. In study A only ram progeny of ...