The importance of self development as a renewal tool towards competent repositioning

Lloyd, Thea (2000-03)

Thesis (MBA)--Stellenbosch University, 2000.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This study examined the role that self development can play in order to renew any aspect of life that was found to be undesirable. During the study the analogy was used of self development being the means by which to move from an undesirable departure point of the environment, whether that of the working world, or family life, or an undesirable behaviour of the individual, or the self, to a more desirable one. Life is made up of many different spheres or roles of life, and the only way that these can be improved, is by realising that change begins from within the self. In order to achieve our zenith in life is by growing, not only in the physical sense, but also in the spiritual and emotional sense and by so doing, making an impact on all the spheres of our own lives. In this way, changes and renewal can be started in other spheres, as well as in other peoples' lives too. It must be noted that the physical dimension works in synergy with the other dimensions of spirit, mental and social so it looked at the metaphysical as well, in order to show that there is an area which one does not consider it to be within our control, but must never the less be kept in mind in order to understand life and enrich our self developmental learning. Work, family, religious and social life, all create roles with their concomitant expectations and needs which interact and create a synergy that makes a person who they are. When one area is underdeveloped or even undeveloped, there is an imbalance that upsets all the other areas that may create dis-ease of some kind. The roles themselves create expectations that, if not met, cause conflict that results in stress. Self awareness requires, and causes, a rising up from the old way to a new way. It is a repositioning of the individual within the spheres of life that they choose to develop. This self development leads to a higher level of consciousness, and this was not mere self actualisation, as it encompasses more that the satisfaction of needs, but influences the lives of those whom they may wish to influence as well.

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die doelstelling van die werkstuk is om aan die hand van 'n literatuurstudie 'n breë oorsig te gee oor die rol van selfontwikkeling in die invloede van een deel van die lewe op die ander. Daar is nie baie navorsing in hierdie verband gedoen nie. Ten einde die oorkruisendie invloede te verstaan, is dit noodsaaklik: dat die verskillende rolle ontleed word. Gevolglik word die oorsake, simptome en gevolge as self ontwikkeling nie plaasvind nie bespreek. Self ontwikkeling as vak en die rol wat dit speel in alle dele van die lewe word bespreek, asook die dinamika binne en buite werksomstandighede. Die invloed van selfontwikkeling op psigiese, fisiese en geestelike dimesies van die persoon, word aangetoon. Die afleiding kan gemaak word dat selfontwikkeling kan 'n invloed hê op alle dele van die lewe van 'n persoon en die invloed daarop kan oordraagbaar wees van een na die ander toe.

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