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    • Ontogeny of toll-like receptor mediated cytokine responses of South African infants throughout the first year of life 

      Reikie, Brian A.; Adams, Rozanne C. M.; Ruck, Candice E.; Ho, Kevin; Leligdowicz, Aleksandra; Pillay, Santoshan; Naidoo, Shalena; Fortuno III, Edgardo S.; De Beer, Corena; Preiser, Wolfgang; Cotton, Mark F.; Speert, David P.; Esser, Monika; Kollmann, Tobias R. (Public Library of Science, 2012-09-13)
      The first year of life represents a time of marked susceptibility to infections; this is particularly true for regions in sub-Saharan Africa. As innate immunity directs the adaptive immune response, the observed increased ...