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    AIDS (Disease) in children -- Lung diseases -- Diagnostic tests [1]
    Animals and stress [1]
    Antibiotic resistance [1]
    antiretrovirus agent; accreditation; acquired immune deficiency syndrome; Africa; cooperation; diagnostic test; drug contraindication; human; Human immunodeficiency virus infection; informed consent; letter; patient compliance; patient counseling; patient referral; prescription; staff training; traditional medicine; Africa; Cooperative Behavior; Delivery of Health Care; HIV Infections; Humans; Medicine, African Traditional; Program Development; Referral and Consultation [1]
    Baboons -- Diseases [1]
    Bacteremia [1]
    Bacterium culture; bacterium detection; clinical article; clinical evaluation; controlled study; cross infection; disease duration; drug sensitivity; female; hospital infection; hospital patient; human; Human immunodeficiency virus infection; infection risk; infection sensitivity; laboratory test; male; medical record review; mixed infection; mortality; multidrug resistant tuberculosis; South Africa; tertiary health care; treatment planning; turnaround time; Adult; Cross Infection; HIV Infections; Humans; Retrospective Studies; Risk Factors; South Africa; Time Factors; Tuberculosis, Multidrug-Resistant [1]
    Biofilm formation [1]
    Children with HIV -- Diseases -- Diagnostic tests [1]
    Colony count technique [1]
    Cross infections [1]
    Diarrhea and stress [1]
    Dip-slide technique [1]
    Drug resistance in microorganisms [1]
    Drug resistance in microorganisms -- Research [1]
    Drug resistance, Microbial [1]
    Drug-resistant tuberculosis -- Diagnosis -- Western Cape -- Tygerberg [1]
    E. miricola -- Pathogens [1]
    E.coli (Bacterium) [1]
    Elizabethkingia meningoseptica -- Pathogens [1]