• Ear-invading arthropods : a South African survey 

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      [No abstract available]
    • The effect of fequency tolerance on audiometer accuracy 

      Guelke, R. W.; Floyd, J. D.; Van Zyl, F. J. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1977)
      Investigations into the methods used to calibrate audiometers reveal that the 6000 Hz frequency is particularly liable to yield inconsistent results when calibrated in the usual way. It is shown that the TDH39 telephone ...
    • The implications of early detection and pre-school habilitation of the hearing-impaired child : with special reference to the Provincial Paedo-audiological Centre, Tygerberg Hospital 

      Du Toit, C. J. (Health and Medical Publishing Group -- HMPG, 1981-11)
      The basic handicap of deafness, viz. the lack of natural communication skills, can be overcome by early detection of the defect and pre-school habilitation. In congenital deafness this dramatically improves the outlook for ...
    • Patient-related benefits for adults with cochlear implantation : a multicultural longitudinal observational study 

      Lenarz, Thomas; Muller, Lida; Czerniejewska-Wolska, Hanna; Varela, Hector Valles; Dotu, Cesar Orus; Durko, Marcin; Irujo, Alicia Huarte; Piszczatowski, Bartosz; Zadrożniak, Marek; Irwin, Colin; Graham, Petra L.; Wyss, Josie (S. Karger AG, Basel, 2017-07-19)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: To assess subjectively perceived, real-world benefits longitudinally for unilateral cochlear implant (CI) recipients in a multinational population treated routinely. To identify possible predictors of ...
    • The simple bread tag – a menace to society? 

      Karro, Ryan; Goussard, Pierre; Loock, James; Gie, Robert (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2015)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Foreign bodies (FBs) are potentially life-threatening when inhaled by a child, depending on where they lodge. Symptoms can range from acute upper airway obstruction to mild, vague respiratory complaints. ...
    • Subjective pulsatile tinnitus cured by carotid endarterectomy 

      Louwrens, H. D.; Botha, J.; Van der Merwe, D. M. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1989-05)
      A 70-year-old woman with unilateral pulsatile tinnitus was relieved of the complaint after carotid endarterectomy. Internal carotid artery stenosis presenting with pulsatile tinnitus is rare. Endarterectomy can relieve ...
    • Timpanoplastiekoperasies in septiese gevalle : 'n nuwe tegniek 

      Wagenfeld, D. J. H. (HMPG, 1981-08)
      The very high incidence of postoperative sepsis in tympanoplasty operations on ears with infected cholesteatoma prompted the development of a new technique to improve the control of local infection. An irrigation tube is ...
    • Treatment of laryngeal lipoid proteinosis using CO2 laser 

      Kroukamp, Gary; Lehmann, Karen (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2007-02)
      Lipoid proteinosis (Urbach-Wiethe disease, hyalinosis cutis et mucosae) is an autosomal-recessive condition with variable penetrance. It is characterised by distinctive skin and mucous membrane lesions, particularly on ...
    • X linked deafness in a South African kindred 

      Thorpe, P.; Sellars, S.; Beighton, P. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1974)
      The X linked deafness of Nance is present in a South African kindred. Recognition of the familial pattern of the disorder, together with the characteristic clinical and audiometric features, permits diagnostic precision, ...