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    • A decision support system for institutional research management in higher education : data mining to determine research focus, intensity and synergy 

      Ehlers, Kobus; Joubert, Malan; Kinghorn, Johann; Van Zyl, Arnold (IEEE CS, 2009)
      Research orientated universities face a conundrum. On the one hand research areas are increasing and expanding; on the other research resources are – in relative terms – diminishing. As a consequence a more active approach ...

    • "Incompleteness" and the quest for multiple identities in South Africa 

      Lategan, Bernard C. (GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Institute of African Affairs, 2015)
      The article explores the contours of multiple identities in contrast to singular identities in situations of social complexity and cultural diversity. Nyamnjoh’s concepts of “incompleteness” and “frontier Africans” imply ...

    • Lecture capturing utilising enhanced podcasts 

      Ehlers, Kobus (Nashville Tennessee, USA : Information Systems Educators Conference, 2010)
      The advent of podcasting technology has transformed lecture capturing and enabled easy and cost-effective delivery of recorded lectures to students in Higher Education. This paper investigates the use of an Enhanced ...

    • Oor die veelduidigheid van tekste 

      Lategan, Bernard (LitNet Academic, 2011-03)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: On the plurality of religious texts - Plurality in the interpretation of texts is not a new phenomenon. However, recent developments have made this phenomenon more prominent. With the focus on religious, ...

    • Die opleiding van bedryfsielkundiges aan die Univeristeit van Stellenbosch 

      Augustyn, J. C. D.; De Villiers, W. S.; Raubenheimer, I. Van W.; Van Biljon, I. J. (AOSIS OpenJournal, 1978-11)
      Die aanbieding van Bedryfsielkunde aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch gaan sover terug as 1943 toe daar binne die Departement Sielkunde met 'n afsonderlike kursus in Bedryfsielkunde vir B.Comm.-studente 'n begin gemaak ...