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    Oor die veelduidigheid van tekste [1]
    Open source software and government policy in South Africa [1]
    Die opleiding van bedryfsielkundiges aan die Univeristeit van Stellenbosch [1]
    Organisational culture : a comparison of Naspers and Tencent [1]
    Organisational culture and knowledge creation : the relationship between knowledge creation enablers and organisational culture types [1]
    Organisational learning and innovation : the study of enablers and relations [1]
    Organisational learning through scarce skills transfer : a case study in the Eastern Cape Province [1]
    Organizational knowledge : discrete manageable item or complex dynamic flow? [1]
    Organizational learning in the public sector : a study with reference to the Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements [1]
    Parliamentary committees : strategy for improved information use [1]
    Patterns in the knowledge management discourse : an analysis of selected knowledge management theorists [1]
    Pursuing organisational excellence as a key driver in achieving organizational learning [1]
    The relation between ICT and poverty reduction : the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia [1]
    The relevance of knowledge management in the public sector : the measure of knowledge management in government [1]
    The rhetoric and reality gap : a sensemaking perspective on corporate social responsibility [1]
    Role of access to 'real-time' information in the survival of enterprises [1]
    The role of knowledge management in offshore outsourced software development [1]
    SARS's IKM strategy : an external perception through the eyes of the media [1]
    The semantic web as a knowledge management environment [1]
    Sensemaking and organisational storytelling [1]