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    Collaboration in the rural schools of the Eden/Karoo District and the use of knowledge management tools [1]
    A comparative analysis of leadership and management at Jwaneng Diamond Mine [1]
    Comparative analysis of selected Personal Bibliographic Management Software (PBMS) with special reference to the requirements of researchers at a University of Technology [1]
    A comparative analysis of the coverage of the South African electrical energy crisis during the period 2005-2010 by Cape Town newspapers [1]
    Competitive analysis : a tool to enhance the process of strategy formulation [1]
    Competitive intelligence at the Medical Research Council [1]
    Complexity perspectives and investment decisions [1]
    Complexity theory as a model for the delivery of high value IT solutions [1]
    A conceptual review of organisational learning orientation as an antecedent to knowledge transfer during an ERP implementation [1]
    Control, value, sense and system : dimensions of hierarchy in selected knowledge management theories [1]
    Critical thinking skills and the workplace : a case study of newly graduated employment seekers [1]
    A decision support system for institutional research management in higher education : data mining to determine research focus, intensity and synergy [1]
    Decision support systems for the Letsemeng Local Municipality [1]
    Decision-making under information overload : visual representation and ‘fast and frugal’ heuristics as strategies for dealing with information overload [1]
    Decisions and disinformation : an evaluation of the usefulness of the Fast and Frugal Heuristics Programme in uncovering implicature-type disinformation [1]
    Developing a strategy to distribute short shelf life products in the high crime township of KwaMashu in South Africa [1]
    Diversity in decision making for competitive advantage : conceptualising the impact diversity of ideas has on decision making efficiency [1]
    e-Parliament to e-democracy : creating a model for effective management of public content [1]
    The education management information system of the Free State Department of Education : a systems analysis [1]
    The effect of mergers and acquisitions : focus on employee job satisfaction of former employees of Smartcom in Vodacom SA [1]