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    • Alien species in South Africa’s national parks 

      Spear, Dian; McGeoch, Melodie A.; Foxcroft, Llewellyn C.; Bezuidenhout, Hugo (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2011-08)
      Invasive alien species (IAS) are one of the major threats to biodiversity in protected areas and pose a significant management challenge (see Allen, Brown & Stohlgren 2009; Pyšek, Jarošík & Kučera 2002). One of the first ...

    • An assessment of the information content of South African alien species databases 

      Faulkner, Katelyn T.; Spear, Dian; Robertson, Mark P.; Rouget, Mathieu; Wilson, John R. U. (, 2015-05)
      National alien species databases indicate the state of a country’s biodiversity and provide useful data for research on invasion biology and the management of invasions. In South Africa there are several different published ...

    • The extent and impacts of ungulate translocations : South Africa in a global context 

      Spear, Dian; Chown, Steven L. (Elsevier, 2009-02)
      Despite the apparent risks of the introduction of non-indigenous ungulates to biodiversity, relatively little is known globally about the pathways of introduction, propagule pressure and realized impacts of ungulate ...