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    • Field soil respiration rate on a Sub-Antarctic island : its relation to site characteristics and response to added C, N and P 

      Lubbe, Andrea; Smith, Valdon R. (Scientific Research Publishing Inc, 2012-06)
      Botanical, soil chemistry and soil microbiology variables were tested as predictors of in situ soil respiration rate in the various terrestrial habitats on sub-Antarctic Marion Island (47oS, 38oE). Inorganic P and total N ...

    • South African research in the Southern Ocean : new opportunities but serious challenges 

      Treasure, Anne M.; Moloney, Coleen L.; Bester, Marthan N.; McQuaid, Christopher D.; Findlay, Ken P.; Best, Peter B.; Cowan, Don A.; De Bruyn, P. J. Nico; Dorrington, Rosemary A.; Fagereng, Ake; Froneman, P. William; Grantham, Geoff H.; Hunt, Brian P. V.; Meiklejohn, Ian; Pakhomov, Evgeny A.; Roychoudhury, Alakendra N.; Ryan, Peter G.; Smith, Valdon R.; Chown, Steven L.; Ansorge, Isabelle J. (Academy of Science of South Africa, 2013)
      South Africa has a long track record in Southern Ocean and Antarctic research and has recently invested considerable funds in acquiring new infrastructure for ongoing support of this research. This infrastructure includes ...

    • Spatial variation in soil chemistry on a Sub-Antarctic island 

      Conradie, Everhard Christiaan; Smith, Valdon R. (Scientific Research Publishing Inc, 2012-03)
      On both west and east sides of sub-Antarctic Marion Island (47oS, 38oE), total Na and exchangeable Na, Mg and K concentrations in the soil decline with increasing distance inland and altitude, related to a decrease in the ...