Internet marketing management in the South African tourism industry : utilisation of the South African luxury hotel industry

Jansen van Rensburg, C. J. (2008-12)

Thesis (MBA (Business Management))--Stellenbosch University, 2008.


The objective of this specific research report is to analyse the internet marketing function within the South African tourism industry. Furthermore, the hotel industry is analysed to establish how the introduction of the internet changed the playing field in terms of marketing and how customer behaviour has changed over the past 13 years with the introduction of the internet to the already established global distribution systems (GOS) and computer reservation systems (CRS). An in-depth literature review is conducted to analyse the marketing function in general, after which an analysis in terms of production and services organisation is discussed. Here, the focus is on the 4 P and 7 P marketing mix theories of Michael Porter. The influence of the internet on the service marketing mix is discussed with specific reference to the luxury hotel industry. The specific research and interviews conducted in this study are focused on the luxury hotel industry in the Cape Town city area. Focus areas of the interviews with the specialist in the industry are on the following: • Influence of the internet on customer relationship management • Influence of the internet on the relationship between the luxury hotels and intermediaries • Influence of the internet on marketing functions such as cost and service. The findings of the primary research in the interviews are then compared to the findings in the literature review and recommendations and managerial implications are drawn in the final chapter of the research report.

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