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    The AGOA : assessing the opportunities' [1]
    Agricultural extension programmes : problem conceptualisation and guideliness for the SA pome fruit industry [1]
    Die allokasie van hulpbronkoste as deel van 'n begrotingstoedelingsmodel vir hoer onderwysinstellings [1]
    Analysis of South African corporate bond market [1]
    An analysis of the current nature, status and relevance of data mining tools to enable organizational learning [1]
    An analysis of the solar service provider industry in the Western Cape [1]
    Application of commodity management principles in the restructuring of the procurement function at Iscor Steel [1]
    The application of fundamental indexing to the South African equity market for historical data dating back to 1996 [1]
    The application of new product development principles in the pharmaceutical industry : a comparative study of marketing practitioners' perceptions [1]
    Assessing brand fit using conjoint analysis [1]
    Assessing brand image transfer in sponsorship [1]
    Assessment of how supporters become attached to a sports team [1]
    An assessment of the antecedents of church commitment [1]
    Die belangrikheid van die verskillende dimensies van verpakking vir generasie X en Y : 'n toepassing in die kosmetiese bedryf [1]
    The challenge of reigning-in hedge funds through regulation and the need to improve disclosure requirements [1]
    The class number one problem in function fields [1]
    Comparing annuity options at retirement [1]
    Conceptual framework for an advertising balanced scorecard : case of the mobile network communication industry in South Africa [1]
    Conceptualising resistance to service cut-offs and household evictions : the Mandela Park Anti-eviction Campaign [1]
    The consumer-perceived risk associated with the intention to purchase online [1]