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    48Ti(alfa,p gamma)51V : vlakstruktuur, vertakkingsverhoudings en vlakleeftydbepalings [1]
    A biochemical and immunochemical study of ovine liver cytochrome b5 [1]
    A biochemical and physiological study of capture stress in Springbok and forced exercise in sheep [1]
    A biometrical study of some of the components of yield in wheat [1]
    A blueprint for educational opportunities within the national service framework of the South African Defence Force [1]
    A calibration procedure for superconducting microwave measurements using one calibration standard [1]
    A change management proposal for Soekor (Proprietary) Limited [1]
    A classification of prime rings [1]
    A classroom-based exploration into second language reading comprehension at std 7 level [1]
    A comparative analysis of profitability concepts used for the appraisal of investment in durable machinery [1]
    A comparative ecological study of greywing and redwing francolins in the Natal Drakensberg [1]
    A comparative morphological and histological study of the female reproductive organs of Psycharium montanum (Megalopygidae) and Neurosymploca sp. US 1 (Zygaenidae) (Lepidoptera) [1]
    A comparative study of rations for early weaned calves [1]
    A comparative study of the morphology of the braincase and associated structures of early Therocephalia (Amniota: therapsida) [1]
    A comparative study of the Proto-Semitic root ntr [1]
    A comparative study of the reactivity of anti-HIV sera with native, synthetic and recombinant antigens derived from the envelope gene of HIV-1 [1]
    A comparative study of time in selected Sesotho novels [1]
    A comparison between applicative and non-applicative distransitive verbs in Xhosa [1]
    A comparison between cash equivalent per share and earnings per share applied to the JSE over the period 1988 to 1992 [1]
    A comparison between retained and promoted pupils in the junior primary phase [1]