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    2D Edge-based finite elements for guided and scattered wave problems [1]
    A biochemical investigation of hypoadrenocorticism in the South African Angora goat [1]
    A biochemical study of budbreak and plant growth regulators in table grapes [1]
    A change towards the JIT philosophy in the inventory management system at Caltex Oil (S.A.) (PTY) LTD [1]
    A comparative analysis of cultural influences on knowledge management approaches in Western and Eastern corporations : a preliminary study [1]
    A comparative analysis of the local economic development practices in South Africa and Namibia [1]
    A comparative study of target acquisition performance of teleoperated sensors and direct human vision [1]
    A comparative study of the approaches to teaching and learning of economic theory to contact and distance university students [1]
    A comparative study of the factors affecting the growth/development of the rural community newspaper the Zoutpansberger and Mirror, Northern Province [1]
    A comparative study of the physical fitness levels of Indian and White pupils between the ages of 10 and 14 years [1]
    A comparative study on the germination requirements of some economically important Striga species [1]
    A comparison of the efficacy of calcium hydroxide, iodine potassium iodide and chlorhexidine on Actinomyces israelii contaminated dentinal tubules using an in vitro model [1]
    A conceptual framework for the development of intelligent, learning style- and computer-based educational software for topics from operations research [1]
    A control analysis study of adrenal microsomal progesterone metabolism [1]
    A critical appraisal of the etiology of adult human lenticular opacification and an investigation into the role of metabolic factors in its pathogenesis [1]
    A critical evaluation of leadership in the front line of an organisation striving to become ascendant [1]
    A critical evaluation of the prophetic task of the church in democratic society : according to G.G. de Kruijf [1]
    A critical perspective on the role of outcomes based education in the democratic transformation of education in South Africa [1]
    A critical process analysis of wine production to improve cost efficiency, wine quality and environmental performance [1]
    A curriculum for community development in practical theology [1]