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    A comparative study of fears in middle-childhood South African children with and without visual impairments [1]
    A critical evaluation of the interaction between sport and law in South Africa [1]
    A critical evaluation of the Roundtable pulpit theory of John McClure from an Ubuntu perspective [1]
    A historic-theological perspective on the 'Just War' tradition as developed by Augustine and used by contemporary theologians [1]
    A legal perspective on the power imbalances in the doctor-patient relationship [1]
    A review of 'sustainability vision' as corporate strategy in Africa, in the context of the opportunities provided by the prevalence of malaria [1]
    A review of Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki's leadership styles and how they contributed to his positioning within the African National Congress [1]
    A school-based, balanced approach to early reading instruction for - English additional language learners in grades one to four [1]
    A study of patients perceptions of quality of care at the Department of Outpatients in the Eastern Cape District Hospital [1]
    A study of terminology describing treaty relationships between Israel and her neighbours during the Israelite monarchy [1]
    A wretched creed it is not : a critical, historical and appreciative look at the Apostolicum within the reformed liturgical tradition [1]
    Acoustic monitoring of DC placma Arcs [1]
    Acquisitive prescription in view of the property clause [1]
    Administratiewe beheer oor die beweeg na en vertoef van Bantoes in die omskrewe studiegebied Suidwes-Kaapland : 'n studie van Artikel tien van die Bantoe (Stadsgebiede) Konsolidasiewet, 1945 (Wet nr. 25 van 1945) soos gewysig, en verbandhoudende maatreëls [1]
    Adolessente leefstylpatrone: 'n Opname in geselekteerde hoerskole van die Wes-Kaap Onderwysdepartement [1]
    Aerial spray pattern assessments with a Piper Pawnee PA 25-2353 aircraft [1]
    Africa's changing flows of foreign direct investment [1]
    Alles tevergeefs' : 'n taalkundige en teologiese evaluering van hakôl hebel in Qohelet [1]
    An analysis and reflection on the UPCSA's discussion document concerning homosexuality [1]
    An evaluation of John Polkinghorne's approach to the relation between science and religion [1]