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    A climatic study with special reference to delayed foliation of deciduous fruit trees [1]
    A critical analysis of the relationship between various measures of risk for the stores sector on the JSE [1]
    A general survey of the principles of determining the ratio of specific charge to inertial mass of an electron with special reference to and experimental verification of the work of Sir J.J. Thomson on cathode rays [1]
    A genetic study of long QT syndrome in two South African families [1]
    A genetic study on the vertebral column of the Griqua [1]
    A laboratory evaluation of the Gluma 3-step Bonding System [1]
    A proposal for a manpower planning and development system to be implemented at a medium size South African assurance company based on the Witwatersrand [1]
    A random clinical experimental study on the effect of mechanical vibration on the gaseous exchange and lung functions of patients with acute lung injuries [1]
    A review of the tertiary and quaternary changes of sea-level in South Africa with special stress on the evidence in favour of a recent world-wide sinking of ocean-level [1]
    A study of industrial relations in small manufacturing companies who have been unionised in South Africa [1]
    A study of Sminthurus viridis (L.) (Collembola) in the Western Cape Province [1]
    A theological perspective on the role of Korean women in the family [1]
    Aborsie : die rol van die wetgewer in die afdwing van moraliteit [1]
    Africa's place in the international football system : why South Africa received the 2010 FIFA World Cup [1]
    Aids to the diagnosis of meningitis in a population with a high prevalence of tuberculosis [1]
    Alternative approach to employee benefit schemes [1]
    An affirmative action strategy : integrating employee expectations with the theory and practice of affirmative action [1]
    An analysis of the implications of a national contributory pension scheme for South Africa [1]
    An anatomical and systematic study of the family Mesosauridae (reptilia : proganosauria) with special reference to its associated fauna and palaeoecological environment in the Whitehill Sea [1]
    An anthropometrical research of East London school boys between the ages 6 - 16 [1]