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    A 2-18 Ghz image-rejection mixer [1]
    A bibliographical and historical study of left radical movements and some alleged left radical movements in South Africa and Namibia, 1900-1981 [1]
    A biochemical and immunochemical study of ovine adrenal cytochrome P-450 reductase [1]
    A biochemical and immunochemical study of ovine liver cytochrome b5 [1]
    A biochemical and immunological study of ovine adrenal mitochondrial electron transport proteins involved in steroidogenesis [1]
    A biochemical and physiological study of capture stress in Springbok and forced exercise in sheep [1]
    A biochemical investigation into the compounds involved in pigmentation of apple and pear skin and the manipulation thereof [1]
    A biochemical investigation of hypoadrenocorticism in the South African Angora goat [1]
    A biochemical study of berry abscission in Waltham Cross grapes [1]
    A biochemical study of budbreak and plant growth regulators in table grapes [1]
    A biochemical study of two natural products from Salsola tuberculata [1]
    A biometrical study of some of the components of yield in wheat [1]
    A biometrical study of yield components in soybean varieties (Glycine max (L) Merril) [1]
    A blueprint for educational opportunities within the national service framework of the South African Defence Force [1]
    A Boolean algebraical model for machine learning [1]
    A business based prototype system of production information systems in the mining industry [1]
    A business plan - viability study - of establishing a vocational assessment and training centre for physically disabled adults in the South-Western Cape [1]
    A business plan for Saddle Hill Fishing Company [1]
    A calibration procedure for superconducting microwave measurements using one calibration standard [1]
    A capacity building assessment of TB Care Association : a case study [1]