The strategic considerations of a business strategy for SASOL Polymers PP Business

Marais, Lynette (2006-12)

Thesis (MBA (Business Management))--University of Stellenbosch, 2006.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Business strategy provides direction to Sasol Polymers PP and deserves the attention of all levels in the organization. Strategic management can be defined as an explicit guide that allows the organization to specify objectives, formulate plans to achieve these objectives and then allocate resources to execute the plans to achieve the desired outcomes. The business strategy process involves identifying Sasol Polymers PP's business environment, its resources, circumstances within which it operates and its competitive advantages. There is a basic three step process in formulating a business strategy. 1. Determine where Sasol Polymers PP currently stands. 2. Determine where Sasol Polymers PP wants to go. 3. Determine how Sasol Polymers PP will get there. The research report validates not only the importance of business strategy and the essential components of the strategic management process, but also the importance of strategy execution within Sasol Polymers PP. The implication is that managers within Sasol Polymers PP need to achieve synergy between the strategy of the organisation and the people that must execute the strategy.

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Bedryfstrategie voorsien rigting aan die organisasie en verdien die aandag van alle vlakke in die organisasie. Strategiese bestuur kan beskryf word as 'n eksplisiete gids wat die organisasie toelaat om doeleindes te spesifiseer, planne te formuleer om hierdie doeleindes te bereik en dan bronne aanwys om planne te implementeer om die verlangde uitkomstes te bereik. Die proses behels identifisering van Sasol Polymers PP se besigsheidsomgewing, sy bronne, omstandighede waarin die maatskappy opereer en sy mededingende voordele. Daar is 'n basiese drie stap proses in die formulering van 'n bedryfstrategie. 1. Bepaal waar Sasol Polymers PP nou staan. 2. Bepaal waar Sasol Polymers PP wil wees. 3. Bepaal hoe Sasol Polymers PP daar wil uitkom. Die navorsingsverslag valideer nie net die belangrikheid van bedryfstrategie en die noodsaaklike komponente van die bedryfstrategieproses nie, maar ook die belangrikheid van strategie uitvoering binne Sasol Polymers PP. Die implikasie daarvan is dat bestuurders binne Sasol Polymers PP sinergie tussen die strategie van die maatskappy en die mense wat die strategie moet uitvoer moet bereik.

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