Conference Proceedings (Mathematical Sciences)


Recent Submissions

  • DSaaS : a cloud service for persistent data structures 

    Le Roux, Pierre Bernard; Kroon, Steve; Bester, Willem (Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, 2016-04)
    In an attempt to tackle shortcomings of current approaches to collaborating on the development of structured data sets, we present a prototype platform that allows users to share and collaborate on the development of ...

  • The discrete pulse transform in two dimensions 

    Fabris-Rotelli, I. (Inger); Van der Walt, S. J. (Stefan J.) (Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 2009)
    During the last three decades, the LULU operator and its close relative, the Discrete Pulse Transform (DPT), were developed and applied to signal processing problems. Its recent extension into higher dimensions paved the ...