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    Calculating the output distribution of stack filters that are erosion-dilation cascades, in particular LULU-filters [1]
    Codon test : modeling amino acid substitution preferences in coding sequences [1]
    Compactly generating all satisfying truth assignments of a horn formula [1]
    Computing the output distribution of a stack filter from the DNF of its positive Boolean function [1]
    Computing various types of lattices freely generated by posets [1]
    Correcting the bias of empirical frequency parameter estimators in codon models [1]
    Decomposing the hypercube Qn into n isomorphic edge-disjoint trees [1]
    Francis Guthrie : a colourful life [1]
    The geometry of unitary 2-representations of finite groups and their 2-characters [1]
    Left ventricular segmentation from MRI datasets with edge modelling conditional random fields [1]
    Model checking rational agents [1]
    Modeling HIV-1 drug resistance as episodic directional selection [1]
    Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Learning Alignment-Specific Models of Protein Evolution [1]
    Partitioning the hypercube Qn into n isomorphic edge-disjoint trees [1]
    Property-based slicing for agent verification [1]
    Realization of abstract convex geometries by point configurations [1]
    Spatial assortment of mixed propagules explains the acceleration of range expansion [1]
    Special subvarieties of Drinfeld modular varieties [1]
    Die Suid-Afrikaanse uitgebreide maritieme gebied : ’n alternatiewe metode vir die bepaling van die voet van die kontinentale helling [1]
    A survey of new trends in symbolic execution for software testing and analysis [1]