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    Sea surface temperatures around the souhtern [i.e. southern] African coast : climatological aspects and applications [1]
    Setting up ArcSWAT hydrological model for the Verlorenvlei catchment [1]
    Site selection for the Small-Scale Aquaculture Farming Systems in the Western Cape : a GIS application [1]
    The SLEUTH urban growth model as forecasting and decision-making tool [1]
    The social and spatial manifestation of gated developments in the north-eastern suburbs of Cape Town [1]
    Solid waste management in developing urban areas : case study of Lwandle Township [1]
    A spatial decision support system for groundwater abstraction impact assessment and licensing [1]
    Spatial decision support system for hydrogeological studies in Table Mountain Group Aquifers, Western Cape Province, South Africa [1]
    Spatial monitoring of natural resource condition in Southern Africa [1]
    Street trading in Cape Town CBD : a study of the relationship between local government and street traders [1]
    Studentifikasie in Stellenbosch [1]
    Sustainability indicators for monitoring tourism route development in Africa [1]
    Temporal patterns of animal-related traffic accidents in the Eastern Cape, South Africa [1]
    Tourism development and community response : the case of the Inhambane Coastal Zone, Mozambique [1]
    Transformation of agricultural and undeveloped land in the Boland region of the Western Cape [1]
    The use of remote sensing and GIS in the identification and vulnerability detection of coastal erosion as a hazard in False Bay, South Africa [1]
    Using CLUES to find suitable areas for perennial crops [1]
    Virtual reconstruction of stratigraphy and past landscapes in the West Coast Fossil Park region [1]
    Weidingsbestuur in 'n semi-ariede omgewing met GIS : Paulshoek gevallestudie [1]
    Where are the major gaps in the reserve network for Africa's mammals? [1]