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    Quantifying indigenous forest change in Dukuduku from 1960 to 2008 using GIS and remote sensing techniques to support sustainable forest management planning [1]
    Reciprocal impacts of black rhino and community-based ecotourism in North-West Namibia [1]
    Reconstruction of a fire regime using MODIS burned area data : Charara Safari Area, Zimbabwe [1]
    Remote sensing for assessing wetland-groundwater interaction in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve [1]
    Remote sensing-based identification and mapping of salinised irrigated land between Upington and Keimoes along the lower Orange River, South Africa [1]
    Residential segregation in post-apartheid Vredenburg : the role of racial preference [1]
    The rise of the Phoenix or an Achilles heel? : Breaking New Ground's impact on urban sustainability and integration [1]
    Die rol van aftree-oorde in die behuisingsvoorsiening vir bejaardes in Groter Kaapstad : 'n stedelike geografiese perspektief [1]
    Ruimtelike en strukturele stedelike ekonomiese transformasies van George sedert 1995 : die geval van tuisgebaseerde gesighede (TGB’E) [1]
    Ruimtelike verwantskappe tussen kultuurtoerisme en kleinhandel in Leuven, België : 'n GIS-toepassing [1]
    Sea surface temperatures around the souhtern [i.e. southern] African coast : climatological aspects and applications [1]
    Setting up ArcSWAT hydrological model for the Verlorenvlei catchment [1]
    Site selection for the Small-Scale Aquaculture Farming Systems in the Western Cape : a GIS application [1]
    The SLEUTH urban growth model as forecasting and decision-making tool [1]
    The social and spatial manifestation of gated developments in the north-eastern suburbs of Cape Town [1]
    Solid waste management in developing urban areas : case study of Lwandle Township [1]
    A spatial decision support system for groundwater abstraction impact assessment and licensing [1]
    Spatial decision support system for hydrogeological studies in Table Mountain Group Aquifers, Western Cape Province, South Africa [1]
    Spatial monitoring of natural resource condition in Southern Africa [1]
    Street trading in Cape Town CBD : a study of the relationship between local government and street traders [1]