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    A fine-scale classification of land cover in the North-west Sandveld [1]
    A framework for regional estuarine management : a South African case study [1]
    Game, fences and motor vehicle accidents : spatial patterns in the Eastern Cape [1]
    Gaps in the protected area network for threatened Afrotropical birds [1]
    The Garden Route golfscape : a golfing destination in the rough [1]
    Geo-information pyramids for up-to-date and flexible conservation plans : a case study for Transfrontier Conservation Areas [1]
    Geografiese invloede op die bosboubedryf in die Wes-Kaapstreek, die Kaap-Middellandstreek, die Oos-Kaapstreek en die Transkei [1]
    A Geographical Information System for Fire Management by the Western Cape Nature Conservation Board [1]
    Geohydrology data model design : South African boreholes [1]
    GIS-based land suitability assessment and allocation decision-making in a degraded rural environmen [1]
    Die groot avontuur – wondere van lewe op aarde [1]
    Habitat vulnerability for the Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) in the Okavango Delta, Botswana [1]
    A hierarchical Bayesian model of wildfire in a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot : implications of weather variability and global circulation [1]
    High-resolution climate variable generation for the Western Cape [1]
    A household solid waste recycling programme in Stellenbosch : householders' attitudes and willingness to participate [1]
    The Identification of natural terroir units in the Robertson Wine District using GIS and remote sensing [1]
    The impact of Stellenbosch Square on retail buying patterns in Paradyskloof [1]
    The impact of training set size and feature dimensionality on supervised object-based classification : a comparison of three classifiers [1]
    The impact of Zimbabwe’s drought policy on Sontala rural community in Matabeleland South province [1]
    An implementation model for integrated coastal management in South Africa : from legislation to practice [1]