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    Conflict and peace in Burundi : exploring the cause(s) and nature of the conflict and prospects for peace [1]
    Developing a conceptual model for transformation at the South African Military Academy : the Ubuntu approach [1]
    Fighting Springboks : C Company, Royal Natal carbineers : from Premier Mine to Po Valley, 1939 - 1945 [1]
    Instrument to evaluate to which extent the operational support information system (OSIS) adds value to the South African Air Force (SAAF) [1]
    Life in a South African household, 1909 - 1923 : changing patterns in leisure and servitude [1]
    Major General Sir Henry Timson Lukin (1860-1925) : the making of a South African hero [1]
    The management of information inside the general support base concept of the South African National Defence Force [1]
    Military Intervention in African after the Cold War [1]
    Multi-detector registration system for the study of multi-body decay of heavy body nuclei [1]
    Optimal objective achievement via balance of control [1]
    Peace support in Africa : potential contribution and roles of the South African Navy [1]
    Perceptions of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the operational capability of the infantry section [1]
    Pursuing human security in Africa through developmental peace missions : ambitious construct or feasible ideal? [1]
    The role and application of the Union Defence Force in the suppression of internal unrest, 1912-1945 [1]
    South African defence policy and capability : the case of the South African National Defence Force [1]
    South African defence since 1994 : a study of policy-making [1]
    South African naval diplomacy since 1994 [1]
    Supply chain management applicable to the South African Army camouflage clothing commodity [1]
    The tip of the iceberg : spatio-temporal patterns of marine resource confiscations in the Table Mountain National Park [1]
    Weak states and child soldiering in Africa : contextual factors [1]