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    A comparison of new provincial planning laws [1]
    Democratic transition in South Africa : a case study of the public participation in development planning on local authority level in the West Coast Region [1]
    An empirical examination of the usefulness of value-added and cash flow from operations in a South African context [1]
    Evaluating the provision of low cost housing in the context of developmental local government : the case of Wesbank [1]
    An evaluative analysis of industrial development zones and export processing zones with reference to the Coega Industrial Development Zone [1]
    The evolution and substance of integrated development planning [1]
    The evolution, substance and application of environmental impact assessments in South Africa [1]
    Formal retail as a strategy to enhance the quality of life in marginalized communities [1]
    The Fwe of the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel : a study of their historical and geographical background, tribal structure and legal system, with special reference to Fwe family law and succession [1]
    Die impak van publieke deelname op groot projekte : die beoogde Johannesburg-Pretoria sneltrein [1]
    The influence of control mechanisms on urban form : some urban design implications [1]
    Interpol National Central Bureau : an operational policy [1]
    Investment decisions in a changing South Africa from 1990 to 1999 (transition) : analysis of the decade of the 1990s [1]
    Mixed-use development as a strategy for urban growth, development and planning [1]
    Moving towards 'humanising' housing : a closer look at the issues surrounding housing provision in South Africa [1]
    Multi-purpose community centres : a local economic development strategy towards sustainable community empowerment and poverty alleviation in the Dwars River region [1]
    Omgewingsvolhoubaarheid met ontwikkeling [1]
    Ontwikkeling van volhoubare toerisme as oplossing vir landelike armoede in Suider-Afrika [1]
    Die opgradering van informele nedersettings : Mangosuthu Village, Kwa-Zulu Natal as gevallestudie [1]
    Perceptions and preferences on high density residential development in low-cost housing : a case study of Langa [1]