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    The anatectic history of Archaean metasedimentary granulites from the Ancient Gneiss Complex, Swaziland [1]
    Chemostratigraphic trends and provenance of the Permian Tanqua and Laingsburg depocentres, southwestern Karoo Basin, South Africa [1]
    The Darling granite batholith [1]
    Distribution and characterization of marine iron-rich particles [1]
    Experimental evidence for sulphide magma percolation and evolution : relevant to the chromite bearing reefs of the Bushveld Complex [1]
    Fluid and deformation induced partial melting and melt escape in low-temperature granulite-facies metasediments, Damara Belt, Namibia. [1]
    The formation of Earth’s early felsic continental crust by water-present eclogite melting [1]
    Die geologie van 'n gebied in Noord-Oos Transvaal met spesiale verwysing na die verspreiding en petrografie van die rotssoorte van die Palabora-stollings-kompleks [1]
    The geology and petrology of the Marble Delta [1]
    The geology and petrology of the Merelani tanzanite deposit, NE Tanzania [1]
    Hydrocarbon evolution of the Bredasdorp Basin, offshore South Africa : from source to reservoir [1]
    The low-pressure partial-melting behaviour of natural boron-bearing metapelites from the Mt Stafford area, Central Australia [1]
    On the sedimentation of the Table Mountain Group in the Western Cape Province [1]
    Petrogenesis of S-type granites : the example of the Cape Granite Suite [1]
    The petrogenesis of the older (> 3.0 Ga) potassic granitoids of eastern Mpumalanga (South Africa) and Swaziland : an investigation of crustal formation processes in the early Earth [1]
    Petrology and mineral chemistry of sulphide ores and associated metalliferous rocks of the Gamsberg Zn-Pb deposit, South Africa : implications for ore genesis and mineral exploration [1]
    Provenance of alluvial diamonds in Southern Africa : a morphological and mineral chemistry study of diamonds and related heavy minerals from the Vaalorange system and the West Coast [1]