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    Beyers Naudé : advocate of hope? : a historical theological reading of his public addresses [1]
    Christian faith and justice? : a theological investigation into Nicholas Wolterstorff's perspectives on justice [1]
    A church historical enquiry regarding growth of membership in the church of Central Africa, Presbyterian - Harare Synod (1912 – 2012) [1]
    Corporate governance? : an ethical evaluation of the Second King report in the light of Peter Ulrich's integrative economic ethics [1]
    Deliverance in Ghanaian neo-pentecostal ministries : a critical assessment from an evangelical perspective [1]
    Eccentric existence? Engaging David H. Kelsey’s theological anthropology as a basis for ecological theology [1]
    Engaging Paul Ricoeur’s work on memory, history, and forgetting : in search of an adequate methodology for church and theological historiography [1]
    Evangelical fundamentalism : an historical-theological study [1]
    Gereformeerde kerkreg : 'n hermeneutiese perspektief [1]
    Graced, happy or virtuous? : three female theological voices on God and human flourishing [1]
    Heiligheid, geregtigheid, heiliging? : 'n kritiese ondersoek na die verbande tussen liturgie, geregtigheid en menseregte in die denke van Nicholas Wolterstorff [1]
    Inclusion or exclusion? : a Christian ethical investigation into biblical perspectives on homosexuality [1]
    The infinitude of beauty as expression of the beauty of the infinite? : a critical evaluation of the use of the analogia entis in the theological aesthetics of David Bentley Hart [1]
    The intermediatorial work of Christ through His threefold office : a theological appropriation from an African perspective [1]
    'n Kerkhistoriese herlees van The Genadendal Diaries (1792-1796), met as lens die vraag na die verband tussen gender, gesondheid en godsdiens [1]
    Kerkwees op Mooimeisiesfontein : die geskiedenis van die Ned. Geref. Kerk Albanie, 1831-1981 [1]
    Leierskap, spiritualiteit en teologiese opleiding : histories-teologiese perspektiewe in gesprek met die lewe en werk van Dietrich Bonhoeffer [1]
    The liturgy and order of the mid-sixteenth century English Church in Geneva : some reflections on the life and influence of a refugee church [1]
    Looking anew at the new prophecy : Tertullian's montanism and Pentecostalism as neo-montanism [1]
    Not by might, nor by power : a history of the Igreja Reformada em Moçambique, 1908-2004 [1]