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    The administrative functioning of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South Africa and the disillusionment and alienation of its members : a catalyst for change [1]
    An appraisal of theological training for untrained church leaders in Sub Saharan Africa : with particular reference to the training program of Veritas College [1]
    Being a hermeneutic of the gospel : hermeneutical and epistemological foundations for a missional ecclesiology [1]
    A biblical framework for sustainable development in the Reformed church in Zambia : the story of George Compound in Lusaka [1]
    The Binga outreach : the contextualisation of mission in the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe [1]
    Christian leadership in a Malawian context : a practical theological evaluation of African Bible College [1]
    Church leadership within the South Korean context [1]
    Combating HIV : a ministerial strategy for Zambian churches [1]
    Community development in the Baviaans municipality area : a challenge to a practical theology ecclesiology [1]
    Community-based discipleship : a missional approach to urban African youth, the case of Nairobi, Kenya [1]
    The concept of Ũtugi within the HIV and AIDS pandemic : a pastoral assessment of the ecclesial praxis of the Anglican Church in Kenya [1]
    Conversion in missionary christianity, Northwest Tanzania : a critical assessment of methods and their impact on Haya Christian life [1]
    A creative tension between spirituality and physical needs : a theological Eccesiological evaluation of a food security programme for the council of churches in Zambia [1]
    Critical evaluation of mentoring programmes in theological seminaries of the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) [1]
    A critical evaluation of the audience-oriented preaching theories of Fred Craddock and Eugene Lowry [1]
    The culture of "silent sexuality" amongst the Shambala of Tanzania : towards an intercultural approach in the pastoral ministry [1]
    Development and culture : a theological engagement with the endogenous development of the Nsenga in Zambia [1]
    Development as transformation : the local church in Lavender Hill as agent of change in a post-Carnegie II context [1]
    Development-oriented leadership in post-military Nigeria : a sustainable transformational approach [1]
    The diaconal role of the roman catholic church within the diocese of Lindi Southern Tanzania : an assessment of its transformational development [1]