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    15 years of proton radiosurgery experience at iThemba LABS, long term results for AVM's, Meningiomas and Acoustic Neuromas [1]
    "16th Association of European Psychiatrists Congress Nice, France 05-09 April 2008 Edited by Cyril Höschl and Philippe H. Robert (Emsley)" [1]
    9 artists. <I>About Beauty</I> [1]
    9 artists. <I>The Trickster</I>. [1]
    A Biblical Hebrew lexicon for translators based on recent developments in theoretical lexicography. [1]
    A blended learning solution to strategy training for improving second language reading comprehension [1]
    A Case of Cystic Fibrosis [1]
    A case study of the proposal developed by a local community to build a cultural centre in Khayelitsha, Cape Town [1]
    A community of practice for Educators: Journey s Start. [1]
    A community of practice: the Journey [1]
    A comparative analysis of leadership and management at Jwaneng diamond mine [1]
    A comparative study of known determinants of bone strength in Black and White South African females [1]
    A comparative study of the determinants of bone strength and the propensity to falls in Black and White South African women [1]
    A comparison of 2 Elisa based kits for anti-transglutaminase [1]
    A Comparison of Control Systems for Flight Transition of VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [1]
    A comparison of fine needle aspiration biopsy and other diagnostic specimen collection techniques in the diagnosis of paediatric tuberculosis [1]
    A comparison of induction of anaesthesia using two different propofol preparations [1]
    A comparison of the valves in the azygos vein between the negroid and caucasian groups. [1]
    A comparisson of methods for harvesting blood platelets prior to radiolabelling with Indium-11 Oxine. [1]
    A comparisson of sedimentation agents used for labelling leukocytes. [1]