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    6 Poems in :Basadzi Voices [1]
    90 minute lecture [1]
    A case study of a support unit for children with asperger syndrome in Wales. [1]
    A Case Study of the Role of a Laboratory Based Sentinel Surveillance System for Invasive Respiratory, Meningeal and Diarrhoeal Diseases in a Large Academic Hospital in the Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    A Clinical Comparison of Disposable Airway Devices [1]
    A coaxial-microstrip T-resonator technique to measure the aperture plane capacitance and radiation resistance of electrically short monopoles above a finite ground-plane at radio frequencies [1]
    A comparison of policies and practices in assessment in a Further Education Institution. [1]
    A comparison of purchasing power across the world [1]
    A Composer in Africa: Essays in the Life and Work of Stefans Grov??. [1]
    A comprehensive analysis of South African research journals. [1]
    A computational model for cardboard creep fracture [1]
    A computational model for mould filling in lomolding and injection moulding [1]
    A Critical Analysis of the Gqunube Green Ecovillage Project [1]
    A cross-cultural study in suggestibility and creative imagination. [1]
    A data and modelling framework for strategic supply chain decision-making in the petro-chemical industry. [1]
    A description of the psycho-social factors most commonly associated with depression and anxiety disorders in South African adolescents (13-19 year) attending urban private practices in Johannesburg. [1]
    A Distributed Scheme for Bandwidth Re-Allocation between Working and Recovery Paths [1]
    A Distributed Scheme for Responsive Network Engineering [1]
    A dysfunctional Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus-3 Hsp-70h Protein confers resistance against the unrelated Potato X Potexvirus in transgenic tobacco. [1]
    A flow equation approach to semi-classical approximations: a comparison with the WKB method [1]