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    Acquisitive prescription in view of the property clause [1]
    An assessment of constitutional guarantees of religious rights and freedoms in South Africa [1]
    Compensation for expropriation under the constitution [1]
    The Constitutional Property Clause and Immaterial Property Interests [1]
    Courts, socio-economic rights and transformative politics [1]
    Distribution of financial resources and constitutional obligations in decentralised systems a comparison between Germany and South Africa [1]
    Equality of arms and aspects of the right to a fair criminal trial in Botswana [1]
    A hundred years of demolition orders : a constitutional analysis [1]
    The impact of Section 26 of the Constitution on the eviction of squatters in South African law [1]
    Individual criminal liability for the international crime of aggression [1]
    Investigating an alternative administrative-law system in South Africa [1]
    The justification of expropriation for economic development [1]
    The justifications and limits of affirmative action : a jurisprudential and legal critique [1]
    A legal perspective on the power imbalances in the doctor-patient relationship [1]
    Mortgage foreclosure under the constitution : property, housing and the National Credit Act [1]
    Property in virtual worlds [1]
    The right to a view : common law, legislation and the constitution [1]
    Tenure security in urban rental housing [1]
    The transformative value of international criminal law [1]
    Water as a human right under international human rights law : implications for the privatisation of water services [1]