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    'Belief' and 'Logos' in the prologue of the Gospel of John : an analysis of complex parallelism [1]
    The City in Isaiah 24-27 : a theological interpretation in terms of judgment and salvation [1]
    Covenant in relation to justice and righteousness in Isaiah 42:1-9 [1]
    An experiment in Bible translation as transcultural communication : the translation of [berith] 'covenant' into Lomwe, with a focus on Leviticus 26 [1]
    From the exile to the Christ : exile, restoration and the interpretation of Matthew's gospel [1]
    Genesis 12-25 in die lig van grafgebruike en grafvertellinge gedurende die Ystertydperk in Palestina [1]
    God en hoop in Jesaja 5:1-7 aan die hand van parallelismes in die boek Jesaja [1]
    Identity formation and community solidarity : second temple historiographies in discourse with (South) African theologies of reconstruction [1]
    Ideologie en mag in Bybelinterpretasie : op weg na 'n kommunale lees van 2 Samuel 13 [1]
    An inner-biblical interpretation and intertextual reading of Ezekiel's recognition formulae with the book of Exodus [1]
    Interaction between scholarly and non-scholarly reading of Genesis 11:1-9 in the South African context [1]
    Interpreting the Passover in the Exodus tradition amongst the TIV as a narrative concerning origin and migration [1]
    Jesus and suffering in John 9 : a narratological reading from within Karanga faith communities [1]
    The Jubilee in Leviticus 25 : a theological ethical interpretation from a South African perspective [1]
    Judgement and salvation : socio-rhetorical interpretation of Jeremiah 1 [1]
    A Karanga perspective on fertility and barrenness as blessing and curse in 1 Samuel 1:1-2:10 [1]
    Lawsuits in Pauls theological ethics : a historical and literary interpretation of 1 Corinthians 6:1-11 [1]
    Life preservation in Genesis and Exodus : an exegetical study of the Tebāh [1]
    A narratological approach to the structure of the apocalypse of John [1]
    On defining a prophet : atheological-ethical study of the Balaam narratives of Numbers 22-24 [1]