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    Selective distal functionalization of resorcinarenes via an ortholithiation approach [1]
    Self-assembly of amphiphilic discotic materials [1]
    Self-association of [PtII(1,10-Phenanthroline)(N-pyrrolidyl-N-(2,2-dimethyl-propanoyl)thiourea)]+ and non-covalent outer-sphere complex formation with fluoranthene through cation-π interactions : a high resolution 1H and DOSY NMR study [1]
    Single bubble-electrospinning of polyvinyl alcohol and polyacrylonitrile [1]
    Solution isomerization of commercial C2-symmetric metallocene catalysts [1]
    Spontaneous metathesis of bis-chelated PdII(L-S,O)2 complexes in solution : a rp-HPLC study [1]
    Structural analysis of transition metal complexes of imidazole-derived ligands [1]
    Structure activity relationship studies of ochratoxin A analogues [1]
    The structure and properties of the dihalo(dimethyl)germanes and related compounds [1]
    Studies in the selective synthesis of bidentate resorcinarene ligands [1]
    Studies towards the selective inhibition of β-alanine pathways in Mycobacterium tuberculosis [1]
    A study of isotope-effects in the high-resolution 195Pt NMR spectra of octahedral complexes of the type [PtCl6-n(OH)n]2-, n = 0-6, in water [1]
    Study of the pathway of heavy metals in a sewerage system [1]
    A study towards the synthesis of dithiadiazolyl functionalised calix[4]arenes [1]
    Studying crystallization kinetics using solution crystallization analysis by laser light scattering (Scalls) [1]
    Superparamagnetic iron-oxide based nanoparticles for the separation and recovery of precious metals from solution [1]
    Surface modified cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(vinyl pivalate) suspension particles [1]
    Synthesis and application of surfactants containing polymerizable groups [1]
    Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel ferroquine and phenylequine analogues [1]
    Synthesis and characterisation of hybrid graft copolymers of polydimethylsiloxane and polymethylmethacrylate [1]