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    Die karakterisering van die reukmerkvloeistof van die Bengaalse tier, Panthera Tigris Tigris [1]
    Ligand modification of Pluronic F108 for use in immobilized metal affinity separation of bio-macromolecules [1]
    Material study and properties of polymers used in composite high voltage insulators [1]
    Metal carboxylate complexes relevant to the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis [1]
    Metaloxycarbene complexes : synthesis, characterisation and reactivity in catalysis [1]
    Migration of organic contaminants through paper and plastic packaging [1]
    Monofunctional and dendritic schiff base (N, N′) ruthenium carbene [1]
    Mononuclear and multinuclear palladacycles as catalysts [1]
    Multidimensional fractionation of wood-based tannins [1]
    A multinuclear (1H, 13C, 31P and 195Pt) magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of mixed ligand platinum(II) complexes with new N,N-dialkyl-N'-acyl(aroyl)thioureas as ligands [1]
    N-heterosikliese karbeenkomplekse van groep 10 metale : nuwe moontlikhede [1]
    Negative thermal expansion of organic compounds [1]
    New amino- and titanoxycarbene complexes of group 6 metals [1]
    New developments in the coordination chemistry of Gold(I), Gold(II) and Gold(III) with C-, N- , P-and S-donor ligands [1]
    New gold(I) and gold(III) coordination complexes derived from N and S heterocycles [1]
    NMR studies on the mechanism of iodine mediated polymerisation [1]
    The non-covalent compatibilization of carbon nanotubes for use in polymeric composite materials [1]
    Novel materials for VOC analysis [1]
    Novel palladium (II) complexes belonging to a family of potential catalytic precursors [1]
    Novel synthesis of block copolymers via the RAFT process [1]