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    Economically viable solar stills [1]
    The effect of iodo alkyl chain transfer agents on the seeded emulsion homo- and co-polimerisation of styrene and butyl acrylate [1]
    The effect of molecular architecture on the properties of propylene impact copolymers [1]
    The effect of molecular composition on the properties of linear low density polyethylene [1]
    The effect of monosaccharide reducing sugars on the atom transfer radical polymerization of n-butyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate [1]
    Electrochemistry and electrophoresis of mercury cysteine and ditizone complexes [1]
    Electrospinning bicomponent nanofibres for platinum ion extraction from acidic solutions [1]
    The evaluation of the ONIOM-EE method for the QM/MM hybrid modeling of HF, CO and CO/HF Clusters [1]
    The fractionation and characterisation of propylene-ethylene random copolymers [1]
    Free volume of electrospun organic-inorganic copolymers [1]
    Fun with polymers : development of interactive multimedia and practical polymer science programmes [1]
    Gold complexes obtained from gold ylide preparations [1]
    Hard-hard and soft-soft coordination in complexes of Group 6 and Group 10 & 11 metals respectively [1]
    Heterogenization of Schiff base complexes on mesoporous silica and their application as catalysts in the oxidative transformation of alcohols [1]
    High resolution 195Pt and 119Sn NMR characterization of platinum(II)-tin(II) complexes [1]
    Hybrid hydrogels based on RAFT mediated poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone) [1]
    Hydrophobic core/shell particles via miniemulsion polymerization [1]
    Imaging and quantifying the different crystalline structures of polypropylene with the atomic force microscope [1]
    Imine-donor complexes with group 6 and group 11 transition metals : coordination and dynamics [1]
    Immobilized diimine complexes of palladium and copper as catalyst precursors for oxidation reactions [1]