Visceral vasculature in the family Cordylidae (Reptilia: Squamata)

Miehle, Carolyn E. ; Bauer, A.M. (1993)

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Major circulatory patterns in lizards of the family Cordylidae are poorly known, but may serve as a source of characters for systematics. Two specimens each of the cordylines, Cordylus jQrdani and C. polyzonus, and the gerrhosaurine, Zonosaurus madagascariensis were prepared by Microfil™ injection and whole body clearing and staining to serve as the basis for a comparison of cordylid visceral vasculature. The greatest amount of variation within the family is seen in the vessels of the hepatic portal system, whereas venous drainage and the arterial system (exclusive of the coeliac artery and its branches) are largely conservative within the group. Despite extensive homoplasy in lizards as a whole, cordylids (sensu /ato), and especially gerrhosaurines, share a number of features of vasculature that support their sister-group relationship to the Scincidae. The proximity of the origin of the anterior and posterior mesenteric arteries stands as a putative synapomorphyof cordylines + gerrhosaurines. Features of the hepatic portal drainage may be autapomorphic for the genus Cordy/us or for cordylines as a whole.

Oor die hoof bloedsomlooppatrone in akkedisse van die familie Cordylidae is weinig bekend, maar dit kan moontlik as 'n bron van sistematiese karakters dien. Twee eksemplare van elk van die cordylines, Cordy/us jordani en C. po/yzonus, en die gerrhosaurine, ZonosaufUs madagascariensis is voorberei vir MicrofilTM inspuiting, en heelliggaam-opheldering en -kleuring, om as die basis te dien vir 'n vergelyking van cordylide bloedvatstelsels. Die grootste variasie in die familie is in die vate van die lewerpoortsisteem, terwyl veneuse dreinering en die arteriestelsel hoofsaaklik konserwatief binne die groep voorkom. Ten spyte van uitgebreide homoplasie in akkedisse as geheel, deel cordylide (sensu /ato), en veral gerrhosaurines, 'n aantal bloedvatkenmerke wat hulle suster-groepverwantskap met die Scincidae ondersteun. Die nabyheid van die oorsprong van die anterior en posterior mesenteriese arteriee is voorgestel as 'n veronderstelde sinapomorfie van cordylines + gerrhosaurines. Kenmerke van die lewerpoortsisteem is dalk outapomorfies vir die genus Cordy/us of vir cordylines as geheel.

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