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    The impact of functional electrical stimulation to the lower leg after a single botulinum toxin injection in children with a spastic equinus gait due to cerebral palsy [1]
    Investigation into the immediate effect of ankle taping on temporal spatial gait parameters and affected ankle kinematics in ambulant adult hemiplegic patients [1]
    An investigation into the immediate effect of patellar taping on knee control in patients with adult acquired hemiplegia due to stroke [1]
    Investigation of hip kinematics in adult sports participants during single leg drop landing with chronic groin pain [1]
    An investigation of pelvic floor muscle strength and vaginal resting pressure in nulliparous women of different race groups [1]
    Investigation of thoracic spine kinematics in adult sports participants with chronic groin pain during a single leg drop landing task [1]
    Knee kinematics during a single-leg drop-landing in sports participants with chronic groin pain [1]
    Low back pain and associated factors among users of community health centres in South Africa : a prevalence study [1]
    Low back pain and front foot hip joint kinematics in Western Province first league fast bowlers [1]
    Measuring the sitting posture of high school learners, a reliability and validity study [1]
    Neck and shoulder pain in nurses working in seven wards of Tygerberg hospital : quantifying the problem and exploring the risks [1]
    Pelvic kinematics during single-leg drop-landing in sports participants with chronic groin pain [1]
    Physiotherapeutic management of acute ankle sprains : a survey of clinical practice in the Western Cape and comparison thereof to evidence based guidelines [1]
    Preoperative education for patients undergoing lumbar spine surgery for radiculopathy [1]
    The profile and selected outcomes of coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) patients in the Cape Metropolitan Area : a baseline study [1]
    The profile of a surgical ICU in a public sector tertiary hospital in South Africa [1]
    The relationship between diaphragm thickness, diaphragm strength and diaphragm endurance in young, healthy individuals [1]
    Survival and health related quality of life of patients 12 months following discharge from an adult surgical intensive care unit [1]
    Validation of the Arabic version of the Oswestry Disability Index developed in Tunisia for low back pain patients in the UAE [1]
    The validation of the Canadian norms for the Alberta Infant Motor Scale within the Cape Metropolitan [1]