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    3D measurement of cervical and thoracic postural dynamism in sitting : a pilot study [1]
    The activity and participation profile of persons with traumatic spinal cord injury in the Cape Metropole, Western Cape, South Africa : a prospective, descriptive study [1]
    The aetiology of upper quadrant musculoskeletal pain in high school learners using desktop computers : a prospective study [1]
    Ankle kinematics and ground reaction force during single leg drop landing in sports participants with chronic groin pain [1]
    Computer-related musculoskeletal dysfunction among adolescent school learners in the Cape Metropolitan region [1]
    COPD patients in the northern suburbs of the Western Cape Metropole hospitalised due to acute exacerbation : baseline study [1]
    The correlation between passive and dynamic rotation in both the lead and trail hips of healthy young adult male golfers during a golf swing [1]
    Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the South African Pain Catastrophizing Scale (SA-PCS) among patients with fibromyalgia [1]
    Development and validation of an evidence based educational program for adults undergoing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery in the United Arab Emirates [1]
    Development and validation of an outcome measure for orthopaedic trauma inpatients [1]
    The development of a clinical management algorithm for early physical activity and mobilization of critically ill patients : synthesis of evidence and expert opinion and its translation into practice [1]
    Development of a cost effective three-dimensional posture analysis tool : validity and reliability [1]
    Effect of a low-cost virtual reality system on reducing pain and anxiety in adult burn injury patients during physiotherapy [1]
    The effect of gluteal taping on gait in ambulant adults with hemiplegia [1]
    The effect of passive thoracic flexion-rotation movement on the total static compliance of the respiratory system and respiratory responses in ventilated patients [1]
    The effectiveness of a caregiver support programme to address the needs of primary caregivers of stroke patients in a low socio economic community [1]
    The effectiveness of a chair intervention in the workplace to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms : a systematic review [1]
    The effects of a group exercise program on primary school children aged six to ten years diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) [1]
    The effects of a lung recruitment manoeuvre before extubation on pulmonary function after coronary artery bypass surgery [1]
    Evidence-based physiotherapeutic management for knee osteoarthritis: A knowledge translation study [1]