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    Identifying nutritional and life-style risk factors associated with the development of osteoporosis in women of Asian origin at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya [1]
    Impact of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) on body composition and other anthropometric measures of HIV-infected women in a primary healthcare setting in KwaZulu-Natal : a pilot study [1]
    The impact of intravenous fluid and electrolyte administration on total fluid, electrolyte and energy intake in critically ill adult patients [1]
    The impact of ongoing audit on nutritional support in paediatric intensive care [1]
    The impact of recall bias on the accuracy of dietary information [1]
    The influence of socio-demographic factors on the nutritional intake of overweight and obese children in the Stellenbosch area, Western Cape [1]
    The influence of vitamin D3 supplementation on the components of the metabolic syndrome [1]
    Information technology (IT) with a human face : a collaborative research project to improve higher nutrition training in Southern Africa [1]
    An investigation into the most appropriate prediction method for birth outcomes and maternal morbidity, and the influence of socioeconomic status in a group of preganant women in Khayelitsha, South Africa [1]
    Job satisfaction of a selected group of hospital dietitians [1]
    Job satisfaction of South African registered dietitians [1]
    The knowledge, attitude and practice of health and skincare therapists at accredited clinics around South Africa with regard to nutrition [1]
    Knowledge, beliefs and practices of dietitians and doctors in South Africa on the use of the internet in healthcare [1]
    Management of food allergies in children in South Africa : determining aspects of the knowledge and practices of dietitians and medical doctors [1]
    Micronutrient supplementation for critically ill adults : a systematic review of the evidence [1]
    Micronutrients : do small things matter? [1]
    Nutrition education message topics and accessibility for the well-being of infants in an urban slum area [1]
    Nutritional health of young children in South Africa over the first 16 years of democracy [1]
    The nutritional management of adult burn wound patients in South Africa [1]
    The nutritional profile of high-performance junior soccer players in Western Cape, South Africa [1]