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    Barriers associated with doctors' referral to dietitians in Gauteng, South Africa [1]
    Body composition of rheumatoid arthritis patients and their perceptions and practices regarding diet, nutritional supplements and other treatments [1]
    Body composition, dietary intake and supplement use among triathletes residing in the Western Cape Region [1]
    Changes in body mass index, dietary intake and physical activity of South African immigrants in Hobart, Australia [1]
    Characteristics and factors influencing fast-food intake of young adult consumers from different socio-economic areas in Gauteng, South Africa [1]
    Characteristics of black South African adult and adolescent women who gave premature birth to growth-restricted infants at Kalafong hospital, Gauteng [1]
    Coenzyme Q10 for statin-induced myopathy : a systematic review [1]
    Comparison of infant feeding practices in two health sub-districts with different baby friendly status in Mpumalanga province [1]
    Comparison of micronutrient-intake of lactating mothers from the Hlabisa district in KwaZulu-Natal using two different dietary intake methods [1]
    Computer-based learning for the enhancement of breastfeeding training for South African undergraduate dietetic students [1]
    Consumer testing of the preliminary paediatric food- based dietary guidelines, among English- and Afrikaans-speaking mothers, for healthy children aged 1 – 7 years in the city of Cape Town, South Africa [1]
    Current perceptions and usage practices of nutritional supplements [1]
    Determination of the most effective nutritional risk screening tool to predict clinical outcomes in intensive care unit patients [1]
    Determining the level of comprehension of registered dietitians in South Africa with regard to the glycemic index (GI) used in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus [1]
    Developing a human resource profile for the nutrition workforce in the public health sector in the Western Cape province, South Africa [1]
    Development and evaluation of a food frequency questionnaire to assess daily total flavonoid intake using a rooibos intervention study model [1]
    Development and testing of a standardized training manual : Diet and the nutritional management of diabetes mellitus : a comprehensive guide for health practitioners [1]
    The development and testing of recipes for patients with chronic renal failure [1]
    Development of a regression equation for estimating the weight of male black South African adults with paraplegia using anthropometric measurements [1]
    Dietary diversity of formal and informal residents in Johannesburg, South Africa [1]