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    Accessory gene components for an HIV-1 subtype C vaccine : functional analysis of mutated Tat, Rev and Nef antigens [1]
    Alternative insulin mitogenic signaling pathways in immature osteoblast cell lines [1]
    Bioinformatics-based strategies to identify PFHBII-causing and HCM main locus and/or HCM modifying mutations [1]
    Characterization of tuberculous lesions in naturally infected African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) [1]
    Defining mechanisms that determine the levels of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis [1]
    Differential expression of genes in clinical strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis in response to isoniazid [1]
    Distinct immune profiles of recently exposed household contacts in a tuberculosis endemic setting in the Western Cape [1]
    Evaluation of anti-tuberculosis responses in humans using different complementary immunological techniques [1]
    Evaluation of multiple cytokine levels to improve our understanding of protective immune responses against Tuberculosis and to develop novel diagnostic methods [1]
    Identification of immune correlates of natural protection against tuberculosis in a population with a high incidence of latent infection [1]
    Identification of novel ligands of WDR47, using yeast two-hybrid analysis [1]
    Identification of novel sarcomeric modifiers of hypertrophy in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy using the yeast two-hybrid system [1]
    Identification of the modulators of cardiac ion channel function [1]
    Identifying ligands of the C-terminal domain of cardiac expressed connexin 40 and assessing its involvement in cardiac conduction disease [1]
    Immune regulation in children and adults in a community with a high incidence of tuberculosis [1]
    Improving methods for genotypic drug resistance testing in Mycobacterium tuberculosis [1]
    Investigating candidate genes identified by genome-wide studies of granulomatous diseases in susceptibility to tuberculosis: ANXA11 and the CADM family [1]
    Investigating the localisation of the ESX-3 secretion system in Mycobacterium smegmatis [1]
    Investigating the role of CTSZ, MC3R and MC4R in host susceptibility of tuberculosis [1]
    An investigation into the molecular aetiology of Parkinson's disease in South African patients [1]