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    Monitoring and diagnosis of process systems using kernel-based learning methods [1]
    A neurocontrol paradigm for intelligent process control using evolutionary reinforcement learning [1]
    Optimising catalyst and membrane performance and performing a fundamental analysis on the dehydrogenation of ethanol and 2-butanol in a catalytic membrane reactor [1]
    Practical equation of state for non-spherical and asymmetric systems [1]
    Process monitoring and fault diagnosis using random forests [1]
    The processing of wax and wax additives with supercritical fluids [1]
    Project radicalness and maturity : a contingency model for the importance of enablers of technological innovation [1]
    Quantitative yeast physiology and nitrogen metabolism during heterologous protein production [1]
    Reactive absorption kinetics of CO2 in alcoholic solutions of MEA: fundamental knowledge for determining effective interfacial mass transfer area [1]
    Recombinant Hepatitis B surface antigen production in Aspergillus niger [1]
    Rheological model for paint properties [1]
    The separation of detergent range alkanes and alcohol isomers with supercritical carbon dioxide [1]
    The separation of phenolic compounds from neutral oils and nitrogen bases [1]
    The simulation of a transient leaching circuit [1]
    Sugarcane cultivar selection for ethanol production using dilute acid pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation [1]
    Supercritical fluid extraction of paraffin wax [1]
    The systems engineering of automated fire assay laboratories for the analysis of the precious metals [1]
    Techno-economic study for sugarcane bagasse to liquid biofuels in South Africa : a comparison between biological and thermochemical process routes [1]
    Understanding the effects of mineralogy, ore texture and microwave power delivery on microwave treatment of ores. [1]
    The use of ion-exchange resins for the recovery of valuable species from slurries of sparingly soluble solids [1]