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    A fundamental evaluation of the atmospheric pre-leaching section of the nickel-copper matte treatment process [1]
    The fundamental limits of recycling : from minerals processing to computer aided design of automobiles and other consumer goods [1]
    A fundamental study of the dissolution of gold from refractory ores [1]
    A generic, semi-empirical approach to the stochastic modelling of bath-type pyrometallurgical reactors [1]
    High temperature phase equilibria in the Fe-Co-Cu-Si system pertinent to slag cleaning [1]
    The influence of gas and liquid physical properties on entrainment inside a sieve tray column [1]
    An integrated approach to waste and energy minimization in the wine industry : a knowledge-based decision methodology [1]
    Integration of xylan extraction prior to kraft and sodaAQ pulping from South African grown Eucalyptus grandis, giant bamboo and sugarcane bagasse to produce paper pulps, value added biopolymers and fermentable sugars [1]
    Mass transfer in structured packing [1]
    Modified polysaccharide-based particles for strengthening paper [1]
    Monitoring and diagnosis of process systems using kernel-based learning methods [1]
    A neurocontrol paradigm for intelligent process control using evolutionary reinforcement learning [1]
    Optimising catalyst and membrane performance and performing a fundamental analysis on the dehydrogenation of ethanol and 2-butanol in a catalytic membrane reactor [1]
    Practical equation of state for non-spherical and asymmetric systems [1]
    Process monitoring and fault diagnosis using random forests [1]
    The processing of wax and wax additives with supercritical fluids [1]
    Project radicalness and maturity : a contingency model for the importance of enablers of technological innovation [1]
    Quantitative yeast physiology and nitrogen metabolism during heterologous protein production [1]
    Reactive absorption kinetics of CO2 in alcoholic solutions of MEA: fundamental knowledge for determining effective interfacial mass transfer area [1]
    Recombinant Hepatitis B surface antigen production in Aspergillus niger [1]